Terms & Condition

Terms & Conditions of using and purchasing on Sneaker Pimp


Products & Authenticity

Product imagery used on this website is for illustration purposes and may not exactly represent the color shape and size of the actual product it represents.

Sneaker Pimp distributes the latest and finest Authentic examples of shoes only and condemns the manufacturing and distribution of counterfeit or replica products.

Purchase & Return Policy

Goods Sold are not returnable. However, if you have been sent the wrong product you may be eligible to an exchange for the item you had originally ordered, please contact our administrators within 2 working days of receiving your products, to discuss matters of exchange related to incorrect product delivery.

Goods are shipped through multiple channels of logistics and therefore the package often remains in unforgiving conditions, which may lead to damage of the packaging.

Pre-Order & Rejection

Each Pre-Order is subject availability of the product at its Authentic Manufacturer and Sneaker Pimp’s licensed access, unavailability of which will lead to Rejection and subsequent cancellation of Pre-Order by Sneaker Pimp’s administrators followed by a Refund of payment.

Sneaker Pimp reserves the right to cancel and reject a Pre-Order at any time without prior notice, in which case the client shall be issued a refund of the payment within 10 working days. However, all bank or payment provider charges for the issuance of refund shall be borne by the client and deducted automatically from the client’s original payment.

Liability Limit

Sneaker Pimp holds liability of product integrity until the products are transferred to client’s possession and no longer, therefore it is strongly recommended that the client inspects the products prior to confirming receipt of the product in question, as no requests or claims of damage or defect shall be deemed valid or facilitated once they have been delivered.

Sneaker Pimp does not hold liability of payment security until the payment has successfully been transferred to Sneaker Pimp’s Accounts.

Privacy Policy

Sneaker Pimp uses services of secured payment gateways and online servers to ensure client identity and data is not disclosed to Third Party agencies or institutions. However, Sneaker Pimp reserves the right to analyze and utilize client information data and identification in its marketing and research.

Secure Payment

Security of client’s payment lies with Payment Gateway partner.